International Tender launched for a new mass transit electrified railway in Batna, Algeria

transit electrified railway

International companies are invited by Metro of Algiers Company (EMA) to bid on a project for the construction of mass transit electrified railway. However, a number of specifications must be met for participation. One is the requirement that they must have a 10 year’s experience in implementation of at least one light rail or tram project.

The line will entail a total of 25 stations and will run 15 kilometers from urban pole of Haley 3 to the Cité Bouzourane, passing through the University Hadj Lakhdar.

Batna is the main city in the province of Batna. The whole country has a total of a total of 3,973 km railway, some being partly electrified.

Companies wishing to be considered must separate financial and technical offers in their submissions and submit in two different closed envelopes. However, the two envelopes must be submitted in a single outer envelope.

According to EMA, the submissions are expected 3 months after the first publication of the tender on the national press. This, according to calculations, is expected to be about 20th September 2014. More information can be found at the EMA website:


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