Luxor City, Egypt to get two solar power plants

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The Prime Minister of Egypt Ibrahim Mahlab, together with governor of Luxor on Saturday this week inaugurated two solar power plants. The project could reduce the number of the 300 000 Egypt nationals who can’t access electricity in the rural areas until now.

The two power plants are expected to contribute 160 KW of power into the country’s power grid. The first one, an 80KW plant will cost US$530,000. The plant will help light up the fine arts building of Luxor University and power surrounding street lights.

The announcement comes after the June this year’s Luxor’s international solar power conference under the banner “Luxor is a green city.” The solar power plant could also help Egypt reduce its dependency on oil and sought out, to an extent, the rising energy demand. Egypt is also hoping to see its 20% of electricity power generated from renewables by 2020.

The Prime minister also added that Luxor could get another US$3 million-worth solar power plant. Mahlab and other politicians had visited as part of the government’s initiative to inspect infrastructure in the country.

The announcement is good news enough because Luxor is aiming at boosting tourism through improvement of local environment. Political upheavals in Egypt have seen a steep decline in tourism numbers.

Already the prime minister has announced his commitment to invest in solar energy use research and development in the country. Also attending the opening ceremony was other ministers.