Nigeria’s Dangote cement sets apart $150m for its expansion in Cameroon

Dangote Cement
Sapele II Power Plant situated near Sapele in Delta state of Nigeria

Nigeria’s Dangote Cement is upbeat with its expansion drive following the announcement of commencement of production at its $150 million Cameroon plant in August.

The company’s management explained that the 1.5 million tonne per a year capacity plant was almost ready, and would commence initial production at one million tonnes per annum before being stepped to its maximum capacity level.

According to Dangote cement’s General Manager Abdulahi Baba, the cement plant would revolutionalise the industry in Cameroon and help stimulate the sub-regional economy, “as Dangote Cement would be churning out its known quality grade of 42.5 at a very competitive price.”

Baba explained that the plant would be the most modern in Cameroon because of the latest technologies used in the construction from Germany, USA, and France, and that it will be put together by the renowned plant engineers, Sinoma.

The Dangote Cement chief stated that the company would be bringing in clinker and that production would be carried out at the most environmental- friendly level, pointing out that the dust emission by the plant would be lower than the set 50mm international standard.

Baba said Cameroonians were eager to see Dangote Cement commencing operations at the Douala plant because of the exploit of the company in other countries, and that the outfit had enjoyed cooperation, both from the host communities and the government.

He promised that Dangote Cement, as a law abiding organization, would play by the rules of the land and that it would replace its robust corporate social services in the host community.

On the economic benefit of the commencement of operation, Baba stated that over 1000 people would be employed directly by the plant, while over 5000 would benefit from the indirect employment to be generated by production activities of the plant.


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