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Shenzhen Angel Equipment & Technology Ltd

Customization is also an issue in the supply of water treatment equipment and machinery. Investment in R&D may help firms discover new trends and trends in market demand in regard to water treatment equipment/systems, bottling lines, and parts, and raise their quality of products.

Different needs in water treatment and purification exist for different industries. More intelligent filling systems are likely to come on board according to Shenzhen Angel Equipment & Technology Ltd.

Shenzhen Angel Equipment & Technology Ltd was established in 1992 and is a specialist in industrial water treatment, water purifiers, filters and dispensers. The company is the largest and earliest manufacturer and exporter of drinking water appliances from China.

The company collaborates with 8 factories and 3 R&D departments in China and has a strong distribution system and after-sales network. Today, it has established firm trade relationships with about 30 countries and territories in the world. In Africa, it has customers in South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Ethiopia, and its 5gallon water filling line is common in Africa.

Through multi medium filter, activated carbon filter and PP sediment membrane filter, the company’s RO pure water production system can help companies remove dust particles, unpleasant taste, remnant chlorine, and organ silicon colloid. The technology can also help remove unpleasant taste, bacteria, pesticide, heavy metal particles and remnant chlorine in water.

Reverse Osmosis water treatment system feature a desalination ration capacity of 98% and high quality ultra low pressure chosen ESPA RO membrane (2-stage).

The company’s UF water treatment equipment has an ultra-filter membrane of 0.01 mircon precision filtration and is applicable as a standard for mineral drinking water. It is possible to have a multimedia filter activated carbon filter and 5 µm, and 1µm guarding filter for stage treatment equipment depending on raw water.

The company also offers a microcomputer automatic 5 gallon bottle washing, filling and capping machine; microcomputer bottle washer; bottled water; auto (PE) shrinking & wrapping packaging machine; bottle blow moulding machine; small PET bottle washing & filling & capping machine (3-in-1 style); automatic water vending machines, and pure or mineral water production line, as well as auxiliary equipment such as LCD touch screen and control panels for the water treatment and purification systems.



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