Agni Steel mill in South Africa begins production amidst reports of possible expansion

Agni Steel
Extra furnaces will be put in place in the next phase of construction of Agni Steel mill

Production work at the US $37.94m Agni Steel mill in South Africa has begun, with the company having partial infrastructure in place to ramp up production of up to 20 000t/m, and with extra furnaces being put in place in the next phase of construction.

The steel mill, which is located in Port Elizabeth Coega Industrial Development Zone (IDZ) in the Eastern Cape, opened its doors in April.

Construction of the mill in the region has helped in the development of different businesses through its purchase of enormous volumes of scrap metal in the province.

The company is also out to ensure that people get the relevant skills they need through training of its staff members.

Agni Steel Mill South Africa has more than 165 employees. Indian contractors have also been included in the company for two years to help build skills on the South African Counterparts.

The company was formed as a result of a joint venture between Afro Asia Empowerment Holdings and Agni Steel India after ratification of the South African Government’s mineral beneficiation policy.


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