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Manual water treatment and analysis systems incur more frequent opportunities for error, compromising hygiene and possibly leading to failure in regulatory compliance.

Coupled with the smart city’s trend to invest in intelligent water monitoring systems that complement smart water networks, automation, one of the leading trends in water treatment that contributes to resource management and profitability, is critical.

Blue I Water Technologies is a global provider of innovative online and smart water quality analysis and control systems for municipal and industrial applications, as well as swimming pools.

Headquartered near Tel Aviv, Israel and with international distribution networks, partnerships and facilities around the globe, Blue I has provided monitoring and analysis solutions for chemical components in water (such as chlorine, pH, redox, turbidity, conductivity and temperature) since 2003.

Blue I pioneered a new method of measuring chlorine, turbidity and other parameters that is more accurate, reliable and simple to maintain over long periods.

Blue I’s recently introduced  smart water networks, Smart LEATM, a low energy and multi-parameter water quality monitoring system, is designed to collect and transmit accurate data faster for efficient management of water quality in the networks in real-time.

The company’s products feature advanced colorimetric, amperometric and electro-optic technologies along with unique control algorithms that support efficient, conservational, cost-effective and safe systems.

Blue I’s CTO Dr. Stella Diamant advises clients to establish reliable analysis and control systems that also minimize maintenance, reduce the costs of treatment chemicals and make the entire process more efficient. Their technologies also help manage resources effectively.

Blue I highly recommend multiparameter analysis at various critical points along portable and industrial water treatment systems, as that provides more indicators for the location and character of faults in the system such as pipe corrosion, leaks, faulty filtration, and contamination.

Analytical Data and graphs are transmitted even to mobile phones via Wi-Fi, wireless modem, Ethernet, among others.

Blue I’s HYDROGUARD water quality analyzers harness on extensive experience of engineers, scientists, academics and designers. The HG-702 TurbiPlus® incorporates turbidity and chlorine measurement in a small single sampling cell and suitable for industrial and municipal water quality analysis requirements. HYDROGUARD®HG-602 uses high-precision electrode analysis methods; HYDROGUARD®HG-HighCl is particularly suited for produce washing; HYDROGUARD®HG-102 for public swimming pools; and Prizma for residential swimming pools; and others.

Customers include GE Europe, Nestle South Africa and Coca Cola.


Rachel Feldman | Marcom & Media Manager,

Blue I Water Technologies Ltd.,

[email protected]




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