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Nigeria set to build industrial parks in Niger Delta

The government of Nigeria is now set for the construction of nine industrial parks in the nine states of Niger Delta as part of implementing their harnessing of hydrocarbon resources agenda to boost the as well as the overall development of the economy.

CEO for the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB) Ernest Nwapa has said that they plan to involve Nigeria in sourcing for oil and gas production inputs by locating one industrial park in each of the Nigeria’s oil producing states in the Niger Delta region.

Nigeria is also set to become great in regard to technology according to Group Managing rector of Divcon Nigeria Limited, Group Managing Director Engineer Andy Ikhide.

Andy said that countries seeking technology advancement will either steal or acquire it and gave an example of Japan, a country once devastated after the second world but which finally improved by use of research and development and has now become one of the top countries in the world of technology advancement.

Andy also challenged leaders in Nigeria to learn from Japan by using research and development, solving security problems that are affecting the country and reform school curriculum.


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