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Theia Technologies

Theia Technologies provides high performance, megapixel resolution lenses. Their patented Linear Optical® technology offers an ultra wide field of view that allows one to cover a greater area with fewer cameras, real time distortion correction without the use of software, and increased resolution at the edges of the image improving the ability to recognize subjects.

The improved resolution at the edges of the image (compared to typical lenses with barrel distortion) allow lobby, office, and other spaces with limited ceiling height to be effectively monitored with video surveillance using Theia’s ultra wide angle lens.

Theia’s lenses offer an alternative for the installer to reduce costly installation and maintenance of multi-camera systems.

Theia’s new SL940 telephoto lenses are useful for longer distance, and less obtrusive surveillance. They allow the camera to be placed far from the observation point. Like the ultra wide lenses, this lens can be used on cameras up to five megapixels. Theia’s SL940 telephoto lens has been used in many license plate recognition systems.

They have distributors in the Middle East and North Africa. Their lenses are sold as accessories with cameras from Axis Communications, Arecont, Basler, Bosch, American Dynamics/Tyco Security Products, Everfocus, IQinVision, Indigo Vision, Samsung, and Dallmeier.


Theia Technologies

VP Business Development

Ms. Andrea Iñiguez


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