US$ 180m for BP Angola’s new headquarters – Torres do Carmo

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The Inauguration of the New BP Angola headquarters, which was led by State Secretary for Oil Anibal Silva, took place recently with the building expected to house all administrative structures of the oil company.

The project, which cost USD $180m, is 25 storey and will involve a building – called Torres do Carmo – that hosts meeting rooms, a medical center, training halls, a gym, video conferencing room, technological exposure rooms and up to 142 parking space.

In addition, the new Torres do Carmo building has two towers, with 832 residential apartments and office space, all of which met the international security and construction standards.

According to the Director General of BP Angola Martyn Morris, the inauguration of the Torres do Carmo building was just an indicator of a commitment the oil company has towards establishing lasting partnerships with National dealers.

The oil company foresees an output of 347, 000barrels a day, and out of that 172, 000 barrels will be in block 31, while 175, 000 barrels will go to block 18. Drilling of block 24 is expected to start in two weeks time.

BP Angola has an assets investment of over USD $25bn in Angola, and plans to invest over USD $15bn in research and development in the next ten years.

The Oil Company has a representation in 80 countries worldwide.