Construction of Lupata and Boroma dams in Mozambique to start in 2015

cahora_bassa dam in mozambique
Cahora Bassa Dam in Mozambique: construction of at Lupata and Boroma dams in the country begins next year and is expected to take five years

Construction of Zambezi River at Lupata and Boroma dams in Tete province, Mozambique will start next year, after the government signed contracts with companies that include the Mauritian capital, for the construction of the dams.

Construction of the two dams is scheduled to take five years. The construction phase for Lupata and Boroma dams will help employ 1,488 Mozambicans.

Energy minister Salvador Namburete signed the two contracts with Paulo Ratilal who acted on behalf of the two consortia. Lupata will be build by the Hydroelectrica de Lupata; which formed by Hydroparts Holding and Cazembe Holding of Mauritius, the publicly owned Mozambican electricity company, EDM, and the Mozambican company Sonipal.

The consortium involved in construction of the Boroma dam is the Boroma consortium, constituting of Rutland Holding of Mauritius, EDM, and Sonipal.

Construction of the Lupata and Boroma dams will see improvement in electricity generation in Mozambique, since Lupata dam will produce 210 megawatts and is costed at US$1.072 billions. The Boroma dam, will produce 612 megawatts on completion, and is estimated to cost US$572 million.


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