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Evercrete® has been synonymous with concrete waterproofing since 1942’ when the original product was simple and just got the job done.

EVERCRETE® Deep Penetrating Sealer (DPS) is an environmental friendly, non-toxic, non-flammable, odorless, clear, water-soluble liquid compound. When sprayed onto hardened concrete, Evercrete®DPS penetrates the surface to become an integral part of the concrete by chemically reacting with the calcium hydroxide (CaOH2) or sodium & potassium present in the concrete to form sodium silicate hydrate, which has both cementing and waterproofing properties.

Applying to concrete, the chemical reaction between DPS and concrete is able to fill capillary voids and seal shrinkage cracks & hairline cracks up to 0.5mm.

Evercrete®DPS can help the concrete to against carbonation according to the BS EN-13295 standard. It helps to protect the reinforcement steel of the concrete which extends the life of the structure. After applying the DPS, it increases the compressive strength of the concrete and resistance to de-icing chemicals, salt and moisture contamination during freeze-thaw conditions.

Evercrete®DPS can be applied to dry and wet surfaces which help the applicators to save waiting for completely dry and cured concrete. Evercrete®DPS can be applied on either negative sides or positive sidesof concrete. Evercrete®DPS penetrates into the concrete for 2~3mm, it becomes a permanent part of the concrete. Future re-coating is not required. Since the Evercrete®DPS reaction takes place below the concrete surface, the concrete surface maintains its natural characteristics which allows the contractor to paint, tile, clad or add any surface finishing.

According to Evercrete Group Director Ms Louisa Yip currently their products have not been used in the African Market but they are in search of agents and distributors to represent them across Africa.
Today, Evercrete looking for a good company as distributor to represent this prestigious brand in your region with a reputation that sells itself.

Louisa Yip
+852 9236 6080
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