HIMOINSA Middle East opens new offices in Dubai

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HIMOINSA’s subsidiary in the Middle East is celebrating its 10th anniversary and inaugurating its new facilities in the United Arab Emirates. Over the last 10 years, the company has been steadily increasing its volume of sales. About 4,000 generator sets and lighting towers have been delivered to the distributors and rental companies that HIMOINSA works with in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Although the turnover figures for 2014 have not yet been published, the company expects to achieve a volume of sales similar to 2013, when turnover was up by 25% compared with 2012.

The Middle East is a very important market for HIMOINSA. According to data for the last financial year (2013), the Middle East accounted for 10% of HIMOINSA Group’s total sales.

The market in the Middle East is also constantly growing. In 2013, countries, such as Saudi Arabia, imported generator sets worth 429,225,247 euros, according to data fromthe UN Comtrade Database. Of this amount, imports from the EU totalled 168,474,365 euros, with France, Spain, Germany and Italy being the main European exporters of generator sets to Saudi Arabia.

Other regions, such as the UAE,imported generator units worth 137,930,281 euros from Europe, according to the UN Comtrade Database.

According to forecasts, demand for generator sets in the Middle East is set to grow in the coming years. “We are continuing to grow our presence in this market. We have won the trust of major companies in the Middle East, which choose us for our quality products and service”, explains Guillermo Elum, Sales&Marketing Director.

The company has recently been chosen to supplygenerator sets for major construction projectsin the Middle East. As just one example, in the coming weeks HIMOINSA will deliver seven of the 36 generator sets purchased by Railways Infrastructure Instalaciones y Servicios S.L. to supply power along several stretches of theMecca-Medina High-Speed Railconstruction project in Saudi Arabia. This project involves 444 km of track, which will be used by166,000 people per day.

With generator sets designed to withstand high temperatures in Middle East and desert areas

HIMOINSA currently counts major companies like Famco, Gulf Equipment…, and rental companies, such as PEAX, among its customers in the Middle East, a market that requires equipment with specific characteristics due to the high temperatures in the region.

“We are prepared to work in the extreme conditions of the Middle East, being able to withstand the daytime temperatures of 50ºC is essential”, says Keith Webb, General Manager of HIMOINSA Middle East.“Equipment for desert areasdemand special attention , apart from the heat, other factors such as humidity can cause problems if not given due consideration, dust is also a factor that can clog filters and accumulate in the mechanisms andaffect performance”, he added.

HIMOINSA generator sets for desert climates are designed with tropicalised radiators with double varnish and anti-condensation heaters. The alternator air filters are speciallytreated to prevent dust from entering and to ensure uninterrupted power supply.

Journalists from leading Middle East magazines visit HIMOINSA’s factories in Spain

Journalists from various media groups have been visiting HIMOINSA’s facilities, coinciding with the 10th anniversary of the company’s Dubai based subsidiary. During the visit, they were able to meet with Francisco Gracia, Chairman of HIMOINSA, and Executive Director Lydia Gracia, who took the visitors on a journey through the history of the company since its inception in 1982. “We are a family business that has achieved international growth thanks to our speed of response, production flexibility and independence”, said Lydia Gracia when asked by the journalists what the key has been to the success of the company.

HIMOINSA currently has 8 production centres in Spain, India, China, France, Brazil and the USA and 10 sales subsidiaries in Singapore, Dubai, Germany, Poland, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Angola, Argentina, Mexico and Panama, and aims to expand trade to the five continents. The company has numerous projects lined up for 2015, such as the expansion of some of its factories and the opening of new sales subsidiaries in key markets.