Huila Province in Angola to construct three hydraulic dams at a cost of US$ 25m

Cambambe dam
Cambambe dam, Angola: the country is set to get 3 hydraulic dams in the Huila Province

Huila Province in Angola is set to construct three hydraulic dams in the municipalities of Gambos, Chibia and Lubango as an emergency programme to counter drought that the region has been facing.

On a site visit to Gambos, the Governor of Huila province, Marcelino Tyipinge, noted that the new dams’ project was for emergency, given that most areas had already been affected by drought. The new dams would help in the harvesting of rain water so that there can be a definitive solution to the water problem. The sites for construction were already identified.

He also noted that work on the three dams will soon begin and with time, extension for such types of dams will be undertaken in the municipalities of Quilenges and Chicomba.

Water from the dams will be used by individuals, while at the same time providing enough for animals, as well as for agricultural use.

Tyipinge further noted that the three projects are estimated to have a cost of US$ 25m, and each one of them will be constructed in four phases.


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