Jaguar Overseas limited to rehabilitate Harare thermol power station in Zimbabwe

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Indian industrial engineering firm Jaguar Overseas Limited has been awarded a tender to rehabilitate Harare Thermal Power station.

According to Zesa Holdings, the whole rehabilitation exercise will cost US$76 million, and once complete, will see an increase in power generation across the country.

Jaguar Overseas Limited is expected to carry out or oversee construction works such as survey, erecting commissioning lines and substations, and carrying out other civil works. The company will also undertake engineering, procurement, supply and installation works.

Apart from the construction works, the company will also procure designated-fabricated towers, power plant equipment for substations, conductors, insulators and hardware accessories, among other things.

The engineering, procurement and contractor company is expected to finish the rehabilitation of the power station on time, since the country seeks to reduce the crippling power deficits, which for a while now, has affected industrial work.

According to the report, Zesa is also applying for tenders to rehabilitate Bulawayo and Munyati small thermal power stations. This rehabilitation will increase output from 50MW to 270MW.

Old and outdated equipment such as boilers at Bulawayo, Harare and Munyati stations is causing them to produce below installed capacity: the three have installed capacities of 90MW, 120MW and 100MW respectively.

In the efforts to ameliorate Zimbabwe’s widespread power deficit The Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority has also issued a total of 20 licenses to independent producers.