MBSA produces new regulation manual for small builders

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In the wake of the increasing number of construction disasters, Master Builders South Africa (MBSA) has produced a new Small Builders Manual to help the thousands of small-, medium- and micro-sized building enterprises (SMMEs) operating in South Africa to comply with the  latest legislation and registration requirements and generally operate more efficiently.

Tumi Dlamini, Executive Director of MBSA, says the updated version of the MBSA Small Builders Manual, which was launched at the recent MBSA National Congress in Port Elizabeth, is another MBSA move to upgrade the dwindling skills in the building sector. “It is also aimed at promoting compliance with the relatively complex legislation and registration requirements for small players and home builders. In the light of the current disasters that have tainted the reputation of the building industry, MBSA felt that serious steps had to be taken to encourage legal and safe building practices in South Africa. The new manual will help smaller contractors to stay on the right side of the law, and preserve the safety of their staff.

“MBSA believes that a major factor for the successful implementation of the Government’s Presidential Strategic Infrastructure Projects (SIPs) programme is the development and strengthening of the capacity of SMMEs.Skills transfer to SMMEs in the building industry is vital to ensure that houses built under such Government initiatives are safe and durable,” Dlamini stated.

About 80% of MBSA members employ fewer than 20 people but, cumulatively, this represents a substantial workforce. “So, to meet the need for an understanding of the principles and legalities of running a small building company, MBSA decided to revise and update our Small Builders Manual, first produced in 1996. The revised version will be used in conjunction with training courses for small business enterprises, such as the coursefor small builders now being offered after-hours by MBA North.”

The MBSA manual consists of 31 modules divided into four sections: Planning a small business, Finding and obtaining work, Running an efficient building project, and General information on managing staff, safety and industrial relations. Aspects such as estimating and tendering for new business – which can make or break small businesses – and drawing up site progress schedules, are only two of the vital aspects covered in the publication.

For further information on the manual, contact Pierre Fourie on tel 011 205 9000.