A mini-hydropower plant proposed in Chimanimani, Zimbabwe

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A new 1.7 MW hydropower plant is set to be built in Zimbabwe at Chimanimani rural district of Zimbabwe.

The plant will boost electricity output in the country and see reduced price of electricity which have constantly growing up in the county.

According to Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA, through a statement, the Chimanimani-based power plant will be called Nyahode hydropower plant and will use water from the Nyahode river.

Immaculate Technologies Private Limited has written an application to Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) in Zimbabwe seeking to carry out construction works for the Chimanimani power plant, own, operate and maintain it.

Immaculate Technologies Private Limited will, however, start off construction of the Nyahode hydro-power plant once it acquires necessary permits from ZERA, and the project is expected to come to a close by end of 2015.

In addition to struggling economically as inflation hit the country, Zimbabwe has been facing power problems and completion of the new Nyahode hydropower plant will be a great boost to the economy and all stakeholders.