Zimbabwe losing power due to faulty transmission

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More than 20% of power from Zimbabe’s Electricity Supply Authority is lost during transmission as a result of poor infrastructure and faulty connections. The government is also planning to replace copper wires with aluminum by end of this year, to curb cable theft.

According to the energy ministry, they were experiencing a power deficit with peak demand reaching 2,200 MW, against a generation and imports supply of 1,100MW.

The power authority and the government are expected to step up to end up the problem in about three coming weeks since for the last few months there have been more power outages due to low supplies; and maintenance work being carried out at Kariba South power station.

The government has also requested independent/private power producers (IPP) to help cover deficit. Zesa has also been exporting more power to Namibian power utility through Nampower Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC) – Zesa’s local subsidiary

According to the Energy minister, Dzikamai Mavhaire, his ministry is working to ease power shortages in the country as soon an s possible, including rehabilitating power plants – which they were doing.

“We are looking forward to cub the power shortage and this will happen as soon as possible” he said.

The power shortage in Zimbabwe has, for a while now, affected the country and once the appropriate measure will be taken the supply will be sufficient.