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Zimbabwe to spend US$ 100m for Beitbridge border post rehabilitation to international standards

Zimbabwe has announced it will put aside U.S $100m for construction and repair of the Beitbridge border post facility to meet international standards according to a government minister.

Construction works at the post will touch on construction of a new bridge, rehabilitation of the weighbridge and upgrading of communication and security systems.

The Beitbridge border post rehabilitation project also includes upgrading of the road network to and from the bridge. Gate control infrastructure and perimeter fencing of the post will also be carried out. Other facilities to be upgraded include the parking areas, commercial centre and staff accommodation.
The border post will also be computerized and have lighting systems upgraded.

“The whole project is estimated to cost US$ 100m and currently the government does not have funds, and we look forward to get help from our neighboring countries,” the country’s finance minister, Patrick Chinamasa, said.

The Beitbridge border post, according to the minister, is one of the busiest entry point from southern Africa, but still continued to hamper smooth flow of traffic as a result of inadequate facilities, and thus it needed to be refurbished to meet the international standards.

According to Chinamasa, the government is currently engaging with different stakeholders from the Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) to come onboard and help in raising the needed amount for the Beitbridge post project.

The Beitbridge border post rehabilitation project will include implementation of measures to strengthen the collaboration between the South African Revenue Service and the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority through the harmonisation of customs systems and procedures at the border post.


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