Angola to build a US $50 bn railway network

Railway construction Angola
Railway construction in Angola

Angola is set to construct an additional 10600 km railway network at a cost of 50 billion US dollars on top of the existing network.

According to director general of the National Institute of Railways, Júlio Joaquim, the plan for the major construction is complete, and this will see the country improve in terms of logistics.

According to a statement by a railway official during the Fair of transport, connecting provinces of Luanda and Malanj; Lobito Luau, Namibe and Menongue, would see creation of three main channels, north/south and east, north/south and the coast, north/south and the centre.

The long term project involving the setting up of three lines would, according to him, see the unification of suburbs with the center and help the government cover the country via a rail link.

Railway official have also called on inclusion of Cabinda in the northern line serving the coastal corridor. This would help the area reduce dependency on air transport. Angola has lined up a number of construction projects in Lunda by 2017, involving construction of roads, airports and bridges.


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