Angola to construct a water supply system at Benguela at the cost of US$268.2m

Benguela Water Project
Odebrecht Agola will undertake Phase III of the Benguela Water Project

A contract for construction of a new water supply system in the Province of Benguela has been awarded as per the presidential order. The contract, which was awarded to Odebrecht Agola according to reports, is said to be worth US$268.2m.

The order, which was put in place recently, indicated that the subsidiary company of the Brazilian Group Odebrecht will be in charge of construction works for phase 3 of the Benguela Water Project. The construction works relating to the water supply system will be carried out in Benguela, Lobito, Catumbela and Baia Farta.

The order for the construction also noted that the project is a benchmark for the country as it aids provide clean drinking water to a very large population in the cities of Lobito and Benguela.

According to the President of the Brazilian Group Emilio Odebrecht, his company has employed over 24 000 workers in Angola and runs a business portfolio worth USD$ 5bn.


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