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BETONBLOCK® specializes in providing steel molds, accurately engineered for the production of concrete blocks and plates. It is for a reason that they are a leader in their field with more than 3,000 customers in 35 countries worldwide. Innovation of design and workability is persistent and their customers value the high quality of their products, the fast delivery from stock and the close cooperation with ready mix producers and contractors throughout the years help them to quickly respond to customer’s demands.

BETONBLOCK’s high quality steel molds create an easy way to manufacture big, stackable concrete blocks that firmly interlock to each other thanks to the studs on the top and recesses in the base of the blocks, without the need for bonding material. With this unique and flexible way of building, one can easily extend or customize any construction, at any time. The blocks can be used for temporary as well as permanent construction solutions, and are ideally suited for dividing walls, retaining walls etc. in for example, the recycling or agricultural sector. The blocks also lend themselves perfectly for the construction of warehouses and outbuildings.

The molds are available in a wide range of types and dimensions. Their molds combine durability, affordable pricing and ease of use, making the BETOBLOCK system the fastest growing in the market today. To facilitate ease of transportation, BETONBLOCK also offers an additional wide range of products for transporting and moving concrete blocks and plates, such as concrete block lamps and block turners.

Their goal is to deliver a more complete range of products that provide a solution for a variety of construction projects. For them, high quality products and efficient and prompt delivery is of paramount importance. Most of their products are delivered from stock and often shipped on the day of order.

The company currently has a major harbour project in Nigeria and is looking for distributors in Africa as they seek to expand.


René Roelofsen

Tel: +31(0)72 503 93 40

Email: [email protected]




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