CBI-electric: low voltage supports World Habitat Day Build Week in South Africa

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The CBI-electric: low voltage Cape Town team is proud to have participated in the WORLD HABITAT DAY BUILD WEEK held from the 6th to the 10th of October 2014 working together with Habitat for Humanity to build homes, communities and hope.CBI-electric assisted Habitat for Humanity SA in Pelican Park – the largest integrated development project in the Western Cape in South Africa.

World Habitat Day a United Nations (UN) initiative is celebrated annually on the first Monday of October to recognize people’s right to adequate shelter and to encourage all of us to do our part in addressing this need. The right to adequate shelter is a human right! It’s time to recognize the need for adequate shelter in a world where it is lacking for so many. CBI-electric: low voltage isproud to be playing a role in ensuring that this basic human right is met in South Africa.

On Monday 6 October, World Habitat Day, the day is observed with actions and events around the world that brings attention to this important issue.

CBI-electric: low voltage, previously known as Circuit Breaker Industries or CBI, is located in Johannesburg, South Africa. CBI is a manufacturer and supplier of quality low voltage electrical distribution, protection and control equipment. CBI supplies products to multiple industry sectors including: Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Mining applications, as well as Utilities.

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