Ethio telecom seeks contractors for their new office building

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Ethio telecom, an integrated telecommunications solutions provider in Ethiopia is seeking for grade one contractors who will be in charge of the design and construction of their new headquarters at the IT, Bole.

The state-owned service provider indicated that the new building will be constructed on a 37,0000sqm piece of land and will comprise five separate 10-storey buildings, tow basements and two separate multi-complexes behind the five buildings.

The tender document has been designed to favor international construction companies, thus excluding the local contractors according to officials from the company. The officials indicated that local contractors will not be able to achieve the detailed specifications and the necessary turnover and thus ruling them out of the entire process.

The bid document requires that participating contractors must have an annual turnover of more than US$220m over five consecutive years. In the design category, local bidders must have an annual turnover of US$10m while international companies must have 40 million Br. They are also required to demonstrate experience from the last five years as prime designers in the construction of at least two building projects costing a minimum of US$160m.

Participants in the project are expected to submit their bids with a 500,000 Br bid bond before November 18, 2014 at the current headquarters of the company. This is on the same compound as the Ethiopian Postal Service head office in Arada District on Yared Street.