Ingeteam commissions the second large-scale PV solar plant in Argentina

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On the 21st October, a historic event took place in the province of San Luis in Argentina, namely the inauguration of the first PV solar farm in the region. The Terrazas del Portezuelo plant, constructed by the Argentinian company Coradir, was commissioned by Ingeteam personnel in September.

The PV plant, which is a clear example of the support and investment in clean, environmentally-friendly energy, is already producing electricity on a large scale. The solar farm, with a rated output power of 1 MW is delivering energy to the internal, medium voltage network supplying the Main Government Building property. This hacienda covers an area of four hectares and is located in the Terrazas del Portezuelo Nature Park.

The plant is the second large-scale PV installation in Argentina, and the first in the province of San Luis. Ingeteam has supplied six INGECON SUN Power PV inverters, responsible for the DC to AC conversion of the four thousand and eighty 250W solar panels installed. The system is also equipped with support structures, making it possible to vary the panel tilt angle by 15º, 30º or 45º, so as to adapt to the variations in the angle of incidence of the sun’s rays, depending on the season.

The electricity generated is supplied to public buildings in the province of San Luis, located in the central area of Argentina. Additionally, the company Coradir supplied the energy efficient LED lighting, the high resolution video monitoring system and the SCADA software for monitoring the plant.

This order marks the start of Ingeteam’s business in the PV solar sector in Argentina. The province of San Luis has plans to install 3 GW of PV power up to year 2030. Therefore Ingeteam hopes to be in a position to increase its supply of equipment in the region in the forthcoming years. Furthermore, a bill has been recently signed for the Renewable Energies Promotion and Development for the province of San Luis, inside the Energy Strategic Plan 2012-2025.

The PV inverters

The Ingeteam INGECON SUN Power inverters feature one of the highest maximum efficiency ratings on the market, of up to 98.9%. Six INGECON SUN 175TL B275 inverters have been installed in Argentina. These inverters are noted for being fully synchronised by fibre optics to the same LV/MV transformer winding, supplying a power output of 175 kW at a voltage of 275 Vac.

To date, Ingeteam has supplied more than 4 GWp of PV inverters to its customers throughout the world, confirming the company’s position as one of the world’s leading solar inverter manufacturers.

Ingeteam is a market leader specialising in electrical engineering and in the development of frequency converters, motors, generators and control systems. The company primarily serves four key sectors: energy; industry; marine; and rail traction. Its goal is to optimise energy consumption whilst seeking to maximise energy generating efficiency.

The company operates in all 5 continents, with a staff of more than 3,000 employees.

In 2013, more than 7% of turnover was invested in R&D, the backbone of Ingeteam’s business activity.