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Modern Waterproofing Group

Modern Waterproofing Group was founded in 1999 by Dr. Walid Gamaleldin in Cairo, Egypt and brings together three companies: Modern Waterproofing Company, Spuntex Company and the Modern Plastic Company which produces XPS foam sheets.

The company is today a partnership between Dr. Gamaleldin and Citadel Capital, one of the Middle East’s largest private equity investment firms with assets of over $8.3 billion. The modern Group manufactures bituminous membranes (APP and SBS) and primers, extruded polystyrene insulation (XPS), and spunbond (continuous filament) nonwoven polyester geotextiles. They currently have three plants operating in Egypt with the fourth and the fifth undergoing construction in Qatar and India respectively.

The three members of the Group are leaders in their respective areas of operation:

Modern Waterproofing Company is a leader in the Middle East region in the field of manufacturing bituminous waterproofing membranes. They are the largest in Egypt and one of the largest in the Middle East region with a market share of around 40% in Egypt, exporting to over 42 countries worldwide. They operate three production lines in their Cairo plant and are adding a fourth line in India. The current production is about 15 million square metres per year and is set to double by the end of 2014 when the Qatari line is operational.

Spuntex Company for Engineering Textiles is a high-technology producer of polyester (PET) nonwovens, for geotextiles and for bituminous membrane reinforcement. They use an advanced spunbond technology resulting in mats that are superior in all parameters to the traditional staple fiber-based technology. Their products can be used as geotextiles which are used as filter fabrics for soil reinforcements or for irrigation and drainage projects as well as pipe protection. They are also used as the carrier reinforcement for bituminous waterproofing membranes.

Modern Plastics Company on the other hand specializes in the production of extruded polystyrene (XPS) foam as well as the recycling and production of bitumen modifying polymer compounds. The use of the XPS foam insulation increases energy savings and eliminates the thermal bridging at the floor/wall junctions which reduces heat loss and reduces risk of condensation.


Mr. Hany M. Elhanas

Export Manager

Address: 2, El Sobki St., Dahabi Sq., Roxy, Cairo, Egypt.

Tel: 002 02 24141003

Email: [email protected]


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