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Home Company Reviews Concrete waterproofing NAUE GmbH & Co. KG. Germany.

NAUE GmbH & Co. KG. Germany.

NAUE GmbH is a member of the NAUE group of companies that has decades of geosynthetics experience. Their innovations and commitment to quality have made them a world-wide market leader in the development, production and application of geosynthetics. They can provide you with the highest quality solutions to your geotechnical engineering problems.

Bentofix© BFG is a waterproofing liner; a sandwich of high swelling sodium bentonite held in place between a carrier woven geotextile on one side and a specially selected needle punched geotextile on the other with a secondary bentonite layer incorporated into this layer over the whole area of the mat. All the components are locked together in a distinctive double manufacturing process. The bentonite used in this product can free-swell to over 15 times it original volume when it comes into contact with water but through this special manufacturing process the hydrated Bentonite becomes a dense barrier to water, stopping the ingress into the basement of buildings. It comes in rolls, like a carpet roll, and it is simply unrolled on site with a nailed fixing of the > 100 mm self-sealing overlaps. It is available in micro-rolls (1.2 m x 4.5m), mini-rolls (2.5 m x 15m) and macro-rolls (5 m x 40 m).

The benefits of using Bentofix BFG

It has consistent high quality, controlled by frequent testing in NAUE’s own laboratories and is simple to install, requiring little extra equipment: no welding or primer is necessary. The installation is hardly weather-dependent and can be carried out in dusty conditions. Because of the secondary bentonite layer, all overlaps are self-sealing and the product seals itself to the concrete, preventing tracking between the liner and the concrete in contact with it. Its performance as a basement waterproofing liner has been certified by the British Board of Agréments (BBA). It is also available with a polyethylene coating on one side providing additional performance and this variation is used when radon or methane gas resistance is required. All these products can be pre- or post-installed. Its application is not recommended when salt water can come into contact with it. It requires a surcharge like the pressure from a concrete or soil from both sides. It has been used successfully for over 25 years.

The company is present in Africa and is looking for companies experienced in selling and installation of basement waterproofing products throughout Africa for partnerships, also for its other geosynthetic products.


David Bishop

Product Manager, Basement Waterproofing / Senior Technical Consultant

T:                                            +49 5743 41 573

Fax:                                       +49 5741 41 577

Email:                                    [email protected]

Websites:www.naue.com, www.secugrid.com and www.bentofix.com


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