Nigeria undertaking more dam construction projects to boost water supply

Kashimbila Dam Nigeria
Construction of Kashimbila Dam in Nigeria

The Minister of Water Resources, Sarah Reng Ochekp has said that the Federal; government is undertaking 149 dam projects and has already complete construction of some more 37 large dams.

Among the ongoing dams, is the Kashimbila Multipurpose Dam, which is now at 87% complete.  The Minister described its main purpose to be the control of possible flood originating from the imminent collapse of Lake Nyos upstream in Cameroon.

The minister also indicated that procurement for the proposed Datsin Hausa Dam was currently being reviewed. The dam is expected to address flooding emanating from uncontrolled release of water from the Lagdo Dam in Cameroon.

Through the new dam construction projects, the ministry will supply water for hydropower, irrigation, fishery development, flood control, tourism and recreation throughout the country. The Minister has also said that 10 dams were rehabilitated during the last four years.

Of the completed 37 dams, 16 will be utilized for power generation – about 135.15MW of power. The country will also increase its water tapped on dams to 3.6 billion cubic meters once all the dam construction projects are complete.


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