US$200m housing project earmarked for Uganda by Shelter Afrique

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20,000 Uganda citizens will benefit from a new housing project to be implemented by Shelter Afrique (SAf) in collaboration with the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development.

The project will be developed in a period of four years where 4,000 commercial and social housing units, schools, health centers and waste management facilities will be constructed.  The Government has already identified and secured 650 acres of land in various parts f the country.

According to Uganda Prime Minister, the government is committed to providing affordable houses for its citizens and for this reason, it’s on a mission to support institutions whose agenda is to improve housing and grow per capita income of ordinary Ugandans.  Uganda is currently experiencing a high rate of urbanization with increased rural to urban migration. This has led to uncontrolled growth and expansion of housing units which has greatly contributed to the mushrooming of slums within and around town centers in the country.

The project implementation team from Shelter Afrique met the Uganda Prime Minister who was briefed of the project by the Minister for Lands, Housing and Urban Development, Daudi Migereko.

This new housing project then comes at an even better time when the Government is trying to come up with sustainable housing projects that can accommodate everyone.

The construction project will be implemented under a public-private partnership with the Ministry of Lands and Urban Development and will be launched officially early next year. Other partners in the project include 44 SAf member countries, the African Development Bank and Africa Reinsurance Company.

Many other countries in Africa are suffering from housing deficit. Last year’s reports indicated that Uganda was suffering a housing deficit standing at a 500,000 units, with Kampala alone suffering a 100, 000 housing units deficit.