Uzuri Hotel Resort in Zanzibar to be ready in 2016

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A new hotel resort that will be constructed on the island of Zanzibar will be expected to open its doors in early 2016. The architectural and interior design work for the new Uzuri Hotel Resort was previously awarded to Jesco+Whiles according to reports, and the design is expected to conform to the local culture. It will be located at the Indian Ocean off the Tanzanian coast.

The planned Uzuri Hotel Resort project, a development of RSJ Private Equity – a Czech developer, will include setting up 60 individual cabanas and five larger villas. It will also include setting up restaurants and meditation spaces, among other facilities. The design will see it become a socially receptive, but also an ecological facility – for instance, part of the eco-push includes harvesting rainwater for use.

Accommodation cabanas will also be constructed in small clusters away from the beach. The walkways will be timber made. Included in the sign are traditional African coral stone structures and coconut thatch roofs. Modern facilities will include balconies and Omani doors.

Part of the construction works at the Uzuri Hotel Resort will also include building two wells at the site and a desalination plant, all expected to help meet the water demand of the whole resort. It has been termed as an “off-grid” development due to limited infrastructure and incorporation of eco-friendly and sustainable measures.

An on-site spice garden could also be set up.

Jesco+Whiles is an architecture and interior design firm based in London, and which has undertaken couple of design projects around the world. RSJ Private Equity is a private fund management and investment firm. It invests in office buildings, residential and hotel projects around the world.