Zimbabwe embarks on biogas energy project

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In a quest to attain sustainable energy, Zimbabwe has embarked on engaging developing partners to undertake a five-year domestic biogas energy project where construction of 8 000 digesters in rural areas of the country will be undertaken.

According to Energy and Power Development Minister Dzikamai Mavhaire, during commissioning of the Sandringham biogas project in Norton, the biogas energy project is aiming at ensuring all the rural areas are supplied with adequate energy using cheap available resources.

“The government is now fully embarking on the biogas project in the whole country and this will be funded by Rural Electrification Fund together with Energy and Power Development, a total of  8 000 digesters countrywide at farms will be constructed,” said Dzikamai

The program had earlier on been started off by REF where they installed 395 mini grid solar systems in rural schools, hospitals and chiefs’ homesteads.

Zimbawe’s power supply will be increasing since currently about 40 of homesteads have been supplied with mobile solar units. In addition to reducing power deficit in the country, these biogas energy projects will help lower greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, they will be supportive of the country’s agenda for waste management and production of organic fertilizers to be used for agriculture.

The country has embarked on a number of power projects, including rehabilitation of Kariba hydro, and construction of a 1200MW Thermal Power Station in the Western region of the country.