Turkish investors to build a model city in Ethiopia’s capital

Addis Ababa city
Addis Ababa city

A delegation from Turkey met the President of Ethiopia Mulatu Teshome in late November this year to discuss their plan to develop a model city and a housing development in Addis Ababa.

The delegation, led by Erdogan Bayraktar, said they have completed preparations for building the city in the country’s capital. The planned city will, according to Ethiopian News Agency (ENA), be a green urban development with full infrastructure.

President Mulatu said that the government was willing to support the investors. It is expected that the investors will discuss with the Mayor of Addis Ababa on how to finalize the venture, as well as with the Minister of Urban Development and Housing Construction and Minister of Finance and Economic Development.

Ethiopia, which has recorded a boom in the construction industry, has initiated a number of other construction projects through the government. This includes the Grand Renaissance Dam, and another dam on river Gebba.


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