AfDB provides loan to Zambia for the Lake Tanganyika Project

Lake Tanganyika Project
Part view of the Lake Tanganyika

The Government of Zambia has recently received a loan approval worth US $22.49m from the African Development Bank (AfDB) for the development of Lake Tanganyika areas. This approval was made by the Board of Directors of AfDB.

In addition to installation of drainage and water distribution systems, the development of infrastructure will involve installing of central pivot systems to enhance production of sugarcane. It will also see development of 13 modern market platforms, as well as small scale irrigation schemes. Part of the Lake Tanganyika project will also involve the training of farmers, among other capacity building initiatives.

This project is part of Zambia’s Vision 2030 strategic plan and will help in the development of the country’s economy. This will in turn create jobs for locals and help in rural improvement.

The Lake Tanganyika Project will be implemented in Nsama and Mpulungu Districts and is expected to take a period of five years. Implementation takes place in these two districts due to the fact that poverty in this region is high thus its services will help reduce poverty.

Lake Tanganyika’s improvement is also expected to help in just and sustainable management, the use of its resources while at the same time improving on the lives of the locals. Markets connections will also be improved.

The whole Lake Tanganyika Project is estimated to cost US$29.62m. The Global Environment Facility (GEF) has contributed US $7m towards the same with the Government of Zambia giving US$190,000.


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