Algeria: companies to invest in an electrical meter back-up system

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Algerian electricity and gas companies and Mobilis – a mobile operator – have entered into a partnership contracts for the establishment of a backup system of the long distance electrical consumption (remote meter reading).

The contracts were signed by the Chief Executive Officers of the four electricity and gas distribution companies and the CEO of Mobilis Mr. Saad Damma. The CEOs of the four companies were Redouane Yacine Redha (SDC), Djouambi Tahar (SDE), Chabane Merouane (SDA) and Ghoul Noureddine (SDO).

The new technology involves meters sending automatic data on how much clients consume to the network operator, so that clients no longer have to submit meter readings at intervals. The system will also allow for other data recording such as alarms and the levels of consumption by time.

This project is first of its kind in Algeria where more than 50,000 chips will be fitted on meters of industrials clients. The system will also entail use of the GSM (Global System for Mobile Data) and GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) technology in relaying the data.

This move will also improve the quality of service provided by electricity and gas distribution companies. The companies are subsidiaries of Sonalez (a state owned utility in charge of electricity and natural gas distribution in Algeria). The number of chips will be multiplied by 5 to reach 250,000 users in the next stage

For the companies involved, the project will allow them to link more and better with clients, as well as minimize the number of complaints and diversify the services offered to clients.