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EL-GO TEAM Security Systems

EL-GO Team Security is the leading developers and manufacturers of security and Access control systems, anti terror protection for secured compounds, locally and globally. The company was founded in 1982. They have been in this market for over 20 years mastering unique knowledge techniques specializing in today’s highest level of security demands.

They provide solutions and maintenance for every range of demands, big or small, for all security armed forces and institutes around the world.  They also offer a wide variety of products that are meant to prevent an intrusion of unwanted vehicles and personal into secured compounds. The world today demands smart solutions that relay on sophisticated technology. They make sure all their products stand up to the rising standard of demand. Whether it’s an Arm Barrier or a Pneumatic Bollard-the control of both elements has been carefully tailored by the most experienced professionals in the field, using the highest components available in the market today.

Their systems can be operated both manually or automatically, using any technologies in-hand, such as LPR, Remote controls, Cellular, magnetic cards, etc. All their product are designed with care and tested by security experts to ensure their capabilities and specifications, and are highly appreciated by the security community personal worldwide.

Over the years they have expended their global security network and are now represented and their products installed on many locations worldwide such as: Spain, Belgium, Iraq, USA, South America, Australia, China, India, Singapore, Nigeria, UN Compound Kenya, and UN Compound Ethiopia, by local security professionals who are committed to our high standard of service. They welcome those interested and would be happy to discuss collaborations in the countries they are not yet active.

Ron Meitar the VP Sales and Marketing, advices potential buyers that reliability, maintenance efforts and quality are the main factors when considering purchasing products.

Meitar also commented on the emerging trends in concerning the products and the industry , “More and more the need to bring to the market shallow mounted products as in cities the infrastructure is limiting the ability to perform deep excavations and the need for securing official premises in cities is on the rise.”

They currently focused on initiating activities in Libya and apply for few big tenders to execute. They mostly participate in exhibitions in the USA as their last exhibition was on October 2014 in Atlanta.


EL-GO Team

Ron Meitar

VP Sales and Marketing

[email protected]


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