Ghana: Takoradi port expansion project to be done by March 2015

Takoradi Port
Envisioned Takoradi Port expansion

The dredging of the Takoradi Port in Ghana is to be completed by March this year so as to allow other works to begin at the Port. This was confirmed by Captain James Owusu-Koranteng, Director of the Takoradi Port. The port dredging, which is being carried out by Nicolo Machiavelli has been on progress since 7th January.

The port expansion project involves reclamation of a land area of 53,000 hectares, dredging of an access channel, and construction of a bulk terminal and construction of oil services terminal. Meanwhile, the residing community has been engaged on safety and security matters concerning the project.

According to Captain Owusu-Koranteng, the port expansion project is budgeted to cost US$228.28m and at the moment, 80,000 cubic meters of works has already been completed, with wall crowning and filling, to be part of the works expected to follow in the process of expanding the port.

The project is expected to last up to 2016, with a goal of opening doors of the port to bigger new generation ships and thus more cargo to foster economic growth.

The contract was awarded to Messrs Jan-de-Dul, a construction firm from Belgium to oversee the dredging works. The port expansion project is also expected to improve the turnaround time and eliminate double handling of cargoes. Other projects that were part of the expansion such as construction of a new oil and gas terminal were expected to be completed earlier.


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