Malawi to invest in more solar power systems to boost power supply

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The Malawian Government in collaboration with the Government of China has signed an agreement that will allow China supply and install solar power systems in Malawi.

According to the Government of Malawi, the whole project would cost them US $10m and will consist of installation of 533 mobile solar systems and 250 solar street lights. Hospitals across the Lilongwe region will also have solar units’ installations.

The Minister of Finance for Malawi Goodall Gondwe noted that the donation of solar power systems to the country will help improve the challenges that the rural health facilities are currently facing.

Malawi is a country located on the Southern Part of Africa and has been experiencing electricity problems for so many years now. According to a report from Esi Africa, only 9 percent of the country can access the National Power Grid for its electricity.

The mobile off-grid solar systems have a production capacity of up to 2 000MW, something which be of great help to the agricultural sector. This will in turn help improve the livelihood of the locals.

Malawi had received a grant of US $350m in 2011 from the Government of USA to cater for needs in its energy sector.