Second phase of South Africa’s City Deep social housing project launched

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Construction of the second phase of City Deep Social Housing Project has been launched. The project will finally see through delivery of 708 units of houses completed this year, together with the accompanying servicing roads, pedestrian walkaways, gardens and other facilities.

The City Deep Social Housing Project is expected to be complete by the first quarter of the year 2015.

This project will see that the former men-only City Deep Hostel is converted into housing units for families. This will enable the integration of the units for mixed income groups to achieve economic, social and spatial integration.

The housing project has the aim of providing affordable residential houses in the industrial area, which has many warehouses and factories yet there are limited residential areas for workers in these places.

According to the Mayor of Jonesburg Parks Tau, the housing project is a representation of the Department of Human Settlements and South Africa’s bid to break new grounds for housing facilities.

Tau further noted that the City of Johannesburg will invest a maximum of US 0.29bn for housing in the next three years.

The housing project is also being undertaken by Joshco a Social Housing Company as the contractor – located in Johannesburg. The Fleurhof units of the project were handed over to the new residents during the company’s tenth anniversary celebration.