South Africa to run maintenance on Koeberg power station

Koeberg power station
Koeberg nuclear power station

South Africa’s State owned power utility firm Eskom is set to take half of Koeberg power station offline in order to run maintenance operations on the power station to improve on its functioning. This comes amidst reports of a higher possible load shedding to grip South Africa in February.

However, the maintenance scheduled for next month on one of the two 900MW units of the Cape Town’s nuclear power station has raised concerns as to whether it will still be able to supply the region with electricity during the maintenance period.

A spokesperson from Eskom has said they want to bring a number of generators online this week to supply power after the maintenance and repair, and this could alleviate power problems the country is facing.

Eskom recently noted that there would be an increase in demand this week from Monday through to Wednesday, outstripping capacity. There would be a provision of 28497MW to 30549MW capacity available for use from Friday to Sunday this week according to Eskom, which would get hold of the demand expected to rise between 27 726 MW to 29 603 MW at the same time.

Open gas turbines would be available for use on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will have a capacity of 29291MW, 29 827 MW and 29 860 MW respectively. Eskom was expecting a demand of 30 388 MW, 30 577 MW and 30 555 MW for the three days respectively after a demand slump over the weekend.

Eskom has said it averted a load shedding crisis last week by using diesel sources and units that had been under maintenance. Koeberg is a nuclear power station.


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