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A US$ 743m water collector tunnel to see Murang’a supply water to Nairobi County

A US$ 743m water collector tunnel will be constructed in Murang’a County, Kenya in an attempt that will see the county supply 140 million litres of water per day to the capital city Nairobi.

Athi Water Service Board Chief Executive Officer, Malaquen Milgo confirmed the reports and said that this initiative will aid in the increase of water supply to the Nairobi city residents because according to a Nairobi Water master plan study, in 2035 Nairobi will require 1.2 billion litres of water daily.

He explained that water will be drawn from flood flows in Irati, Gikigie and Maragua rivers in Murang’a County and then directed to Thika dam after which the water will be channeled to the new water collector tunnel. Part of the work will involve construction of flood water diversion structures on these rivers, as well as laying of pipelines.

“We contracted GIBB Africa Ltd to undertake an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment to ensure that only flood water is channelled into the tunnel and that downstream demand is not impacted by the project,” Milgo said.

The World Bank funded community water collector tunnel project is anticipated to begin in February and will take approximately 3 years to be completed. Kenya is also undertaking other water projects including the Migwani Water Project in Kitui country through the Ministry of Environment, Water and Natural Resources.


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