More solar power projects launched in Ghana and Nigeria

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With increased blackouts in major capitals in Africa, causing frustrations and incurring losses to the business sectors and not to mention the high cost of electricity in the regions, African leaders have started pulling up their socks in matters concerning energy.

2015 could become a bed of roses for many international companies who want to partner with the African nations in boosting up the energy sector through solar power.

Many multimillion dollar agreements have been signed recently between different African governments with the foreign governments in order to see this problem of energy put to rest for ever.

Sky power FAS energy, this is a joint venture between the Canadian sky power Global and the Saudi Arabia based FAS energy signed an agreement with west African side Nigeria earlier last year to develop a 3000 megawatts of utility scale, and estimated to cost $5 billion at its completion.

The Total Company also pumped in $80 million worth of investment towards the provision of 40megawatts power in Ghana which will be completed by 2017. However, according to the star Business (a magazine publication) the senior business development manager of total, Mr. Frederic Ciamous said that discussions were still ongoing with the firm’s development partners towards the efficient and successful completion of the project.

The likes of Egypt, South Africa, Kenya and Zimbambwe are just but a few of the African countries which have signed the solar power agreements and still more to come. Power Africa is also investing millions in renewable energy, including solar power industry.