Africa will require U.S$3.2T to revamp energy sector

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Africa will need $3.2 trillion to boost its energy sector in order to meet its energy requirements by 2035.

According to the Managing Director at Eaton’s Electrical Sector, Shane kilfoil the growing population expected in the continent by 2035 will push higher the demand for energy.

Shane also added that currently 55% of the African population is lacking access to power supply and with about 118 per cent growing population, the energy demand would equally growth at 93 per cent.

He called upon more investors to eye the renewable energy segment.

In concern with the power situation in the continent he added that Eaton will be committed to supporting the African nations to make sure power is sufficient in the continent. He said its company was ready to showcase its solutions in Solar, Wind energy, Electrical Utilities, Data Center and IT, Mining, as well as Oil and gas.

He also added that Eaton will be expanding its productivity by establishing manufacturing facilities in South Africa, Morocco and Tunisia.