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Efficient water flow management in conditions of varying water pressure and fluctuating demand has always been a challenge.  It is an even greater challenge to manage flow while optimizing energy consumption.  Amongst a host of systems that are currently available in the market, the ‘BoostStar’ hydro-pneumatic (HyP) pressure boosting system from A.T.E. wins hands down as it combines efficient water management and optimum energy consumption.


‘BoostStar’ is designed and engineered to manage the water flow in industrial applications, high-rise apartments, townships, bungalows/villas, commercial buildings such as malls, hotels and office buildings.


What is unique about BoostStar is that it provides the highest level of intelligence and automation. It has the most advanced inbuilt features such as configurable time-of-day and day-of-week demand patterns, pumps auto-cascading and rotation for prolonged pump durability, Q/h runtime graphs, advanced protection, data and fault logging, BMS connectivity and remote alerts & notifications via SMS.


A.T.E. BoostStar HyP systems are engineered using the most stringent quality and testing standards. At the heart of the BoostStar HyP systems are the world’s leading brand of centrifugal pumps and instrumentation and control systems built using the best components. The scalable design of the BoostStar HyP systems enable a variety of configurations, ranging from basic fixed speed systems to advanced and fully automated variable speed systems.


The BoostStar HyP systems are available in a wide-range of configurations of pumps (vertical, horizontal, submersible), frames (MS/GI, SS304/SS316), and with varying levels of automation and intelligence, without compromising the reliability and efficiency of the system.  ‘BoostStar’ systems are also designed for the lowest total cost of ownership over the product life.


The BoostStar HyP system is emerging as a preferred choice for many leading customers, not only because of its rich features and proven performance, but also because it comes from the house of A.T.E., a synonym for quality, reliability and service.


A.T.E., which has introduced the BoostStar HyP system, has over 3 decades of experience in the field of flow technology.  With a strong legacy of over 75 years, A.T.E. is a diversified engineering group with business interests in textile engineering, clean technology, flow technology and print and packaging solutions.