CAMAC completes seismic surveys for oil and gas exploration in Kenya

Oil exploration Kenya
Oil exploration activities in Kenya

CAMAC Energy, a United States oil and gas exploration company has announced completion of 2D seismic acquisitions for two blocks in Kenya; 700 line kilometers on L-1B block and 325 line kilometers on L-16 block.

The intention is to discover potential exploration targets in Paleozoic, Jurassic, Cretaceous, and Middle to Lower Tertiary sections, known to be oil-bearing in East Africa. The oil and gas exploration survey was carried out by BGP Kenya Ltd.

Apart from the seismic survey, airborne gravity and magnetic surveys have also been completed, and these will aid in identifying potential drilling spots on the blocks.

Segun Omidele, Senior Vice President of Exploration and Production has said that the seismic surveys were encouraging, adding that they are essential to advancing the onshore Kenya work program and understanding of the resource potential on these blocks. This will help them determine potential locations to begin oil and gas exploration drilling.

CAMAC Energy Inc. focuses on exploitation of energy resources in the sub-Saharan Africa.


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