Coal emerges as an alternative energy source for Nigeria

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Coal has turned out to be an alternative source of energy in today’s evolving economy. The Nigerian government has taken measures to use coal as a solution to the power supply demand.

Coal is a fossil fuel formed from the decomposition of organic materials that have been subjected to geologic heat and pressure over millions of years. Coal is considered a nonrenewable source of energy.

Almost half of the world’s leading coal producers had generated most their power from coal in 2014 to power up their economies. Apart from those, other countries with established electricity industries have also emphasized on using coal power for energy security in their companies.

It’s therefore evident that the industrializing and developing countries, like Nigeria for example, demand for energy will continue to rise. As a result, energy security will become an issue to be addressed. The developing countries therefore need to seek a means of providing a reliable backbone to their economic growth.

It is therefore necessary to search for alternative sources of power, which shall be available, affordable and reliable without vulnerability to long or short term disruptions.

That can therefore be achieved with a mix of energy sources like coal, gas, Hydro and biomass and solar.
Since Nigeria is a country with rich coal deposits, it is making efforts to embrace coal as a potential driver to her electricity generation.