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Ghana: Construction of Kpone power plant starts

Construction of Kpone Power Plant is set to commence after the cutting of sod for the start of work by Ghana’s Vice President Amissah-Arthur last week. Kpone Power Plant, an Independent Power Producer project (IPP) in Ghana will also be the most efficient plant in the country in terms of costs and use of fuel according to CenPower Generation Company Chairman Mr. Samuel Nana Brew-Butler.

The power plant, which is expected to come online by 2017, is expected to add about 10% of the nation’s generation capacity and supply power to an estimated one million households. It will also be strategic as the West African Gas Pipeline is expected to land at Tema.

The US$900m thermal power project funded by the Africa Finance Corporation (AFC) will have a tri-fuel configuration powered by gas, light crude oil and distillate to minimise fuel supply risks in the country.

AFC is an African investor, infrastructure and development financer. However, the project construction company is African, assisted by an indigenous Ghanaian sub-contractor. The project is also expected to give birth to the largest Independent Power Plant in sub-Saharan Africa.

Combined Cycle Gas Turbine technology will be utilized for the Kpone Independent Power Plant – the technology is a combination of both as gas and steam turbines. Waste heat produced by gas turbine is used to run the steam turbine. It is considered most efficient combination of the two.

Mr Brew Butler also said that Vitol would build fuel storage tanks for the plant. While launching construction of the Kpone Independent Power Plant, the Vice President said the government would increase power access to households and productive sectors to help grow the economy. The power plant is expected to add 2800MW to the national power supply.


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