Kenya: New temporary terminal at Jomo Kenyatta airport to start operations this month

JKIA expansion
JKIA expansion plan

The new temporary terminal at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) in Nairobi is set to commence operations this year in March.

Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) Managing Director, Lucy Mbugua said that the completion of the temporary US$ 19m terminal will allow the airport to handle an additional capacity of 2.5 million passengers annually. The initial target budget was US$ 25m, thus KAA has saved US$6m.

She further said that the new 10,000 square metre temporary terminal will be used until the 20-million passenger capacity Greenfield Terminal is completed in 2018. The new facility will be used on all domestic traffic from March this year, in order to free Terminal 1D for renovation.

Terminal Two is a prefabricated facility, has taken six months and to build and was fully financed by African Development Bank.

The new constructed terminal has 24 check-in counters, six boarding gates — two for domestic and two for international flights — and extra two ‘swing gates’ to be used during peak traffic hours. An upgraded three-stage baggage screening system has also been installed to help screen 1, 200 bags.

The Greenfield terminal will span 178,000 square and will also be funded by the African Development Bank. 


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