Liberia gets US$27.3m to renovate Robert Airport runway

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A financial contract between the European Investment Bank and the Government of Liberia has been signed to help in the renovation of the Robert International Airport Runway. The contract, worth US$27,3000 000m is set to be reviewed by the House Representatives of Liberia.

According to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who tabled the contract, ratification of the contract will help in speedy change of the runway, which is in a poor state. There will also be works on the drainage system, replacement of the runway lighting and construction of Runway End Safety Areas (REAS).

The Robert International Airport project also includes provision of assorted items for operation and safety, which include equipments such as fire fighting equipments, ambulances, forklifts, high loaders conveyer belts, passenger stairs and buses for easy movement of passengers across the airport.

President Sirleaf noted that the total cost for rehabilitation and modernization of the entire Roberts International Airport was about US $60, 300 000.

CEO of the Airport noted that the Government of Liberia had concluded financial agreements for the project with US $20m being received from Saudi Fund for Development, the Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa would give US $10m, while the government of Liberia would give US $3m.