RWE Dea starts gas drilling operations in Algeria

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German construction company RWE Dea has started drilling operations of gas wells in Algerian Sahara.

The gas project is scheduled to give birth to 26 development wells in its first phase. Gas is expected from these wells in 2017.

The initial drilling of the first well KL-39 began in January, and the drilling of the other 21 wells will take place in the course of the project.

RWE Dea is a consortium of Groupment Reggane Nord (FRN) project that comprises the gas fields of Reggane, Azrafil Sud-Est, Kahlouche, Kahlouche Sud, Tiouliline and Sali.It has 19.5%, Sonatrach 40%, Repsol from Spain 29.25% and Edison from Italy 11.25%.

Dea started exploration activities in 2002 in the concession area Reggane Nord together with partners Repsol (operator) and Edison with corresponding gas discoveries, which are now subject to development under the operation of GRN.

According to Christoph Schlichter – the senior vice president Production North Africa of RWE Dea AG, a consortium member – the company is delighted to have reached the current stage and they are looking forward to a successful drilling campaign that will contribute significantly to the growth of Dea’s gas production in future.

Algeria is the largest producer of gas in Africa and exports to Europe. Algeria’s public oil exploration company Sonatrach has announced that it will be investing US$70 billion in gas extraction via fracking technology.