Greenovate Awards: a first for South Africa

GBCSA’s CEO Brian Wilkinson
GBCSA’s CEO Brian Wilkinson

Growthpoint Properties and the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) have launched The Greenovate Awards. It is expected that this awards will inspire students in the built environment in regard to exploring and inventing ways for sustainable living. The Greenovate Awards will recognize students who implement green building principles, thus linking innovative thinking and environmental challenges.

Werner van Antwerpen, head of utilities and sustainability at South Africa’s largest JSE-listed REIT, Growthpoint Properties

According to the the Head of Sustainability at Growthpoint Properties Werner van Antwerpen, the built environment has a great impact on the environment and the Greenovate Awards will help recognize excellence and innovation amongst students in their understanding of principles of green building and construction across all areas and disciplines.

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Van Antwerpen also noted that the young professionals have capability of transforming the way people live while having “gentler impacts of the world around us.” Greenovate Awards will link student’s innovative thinking to environmental challenges.

GBCSA’s CEO Brian Wilkinson noted that the aim is to spur green thinking and educate students and honors level students in green building aspects in relation to property, construction and quantity survey. in about the green building principle. They will also be enlightened on the Green Star SA rating system.

According to Wilkinson, the awards will encourage students to learn about green building and sustainability early in their careers.

“…Essentially, we want them to enter the market as advocates for green building with a passion to create better, more sustainable, cities, towns and neighbourhoods,” Wilkinson continues.

The awards programme will be piloted at the University of Cape Town, University of Pretoria and University of Witwatersrand and if it is successful it will be rolled out in all universities in the country.

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