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Alstom wins US$ 65m contract to equip Karuma hydropower plant in Uganda

Alstom, a French multinational company dealing with hydroelectric, gas, coal and nuclear-powered turbines and plants, has been awarded a US$65m contract to equip the 600MW Karuma hydropower plant in Uganda with turbine generator sets and related equipment.

According the agreement, six 100MW Francis turbine generator sets and related equipment is supposed to be installed by Alstom on the power plant.  Alstom Hydro China will be responsible of designing, manufacture, and supervising the installation, commissioning and testing of the products.

A Chinese engineering and construction company Sinohydro, which is currently undertaking the project said that this is a good opportunity for Alstom because it will enhance its presence in the African region as its hydropower technology is highly developed and long-standing.

Once the mega project is complete, Uganda will receive 50% of its power from the Karuma hydropower project, set to be largest in Uganda. The US $2billion plant power plant will also increase power supply for investments and agriculture production. It is expected to be complete by 2018.

Karuma hydropower plant will be located on the Victoria Nile River in Kiryadongo and Oyam districts about 15 kilometers downstream of Karuma Falls. China has already provided US$500 for the power plant after the project stalled in 2013.

Alstom has so far been won three contracts from Sinohydro, among them include Ghana’s 400MW Bui hydro power plant project and the Ivory Coast’s 270MW Soubre hydroelectric plant project.


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